Suppose that the selling price P of an item for the quantity X sold is given by the function P=-1/3x+44
Express the revenue R as a function of x (R=x*p ) how many items must be sold to Mackenzie the revenue and what is the maximum revenue that can be obtained from this model

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  1. Every business should try very hard to "Mackenzie the revenue" LOL

    R = x(-1/3x + 44) = (-1/3)x^2 + 44x

    this is a parabola, its max is the R value of its vertex
    for the x of the vertex, -44/(-2/3) = 66
    so 66 items must be sold to obtain the "MACKENZIE" and that would be
    66( (-1/3)(66) + 44) = 1452

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