In 3–5 sentences, answer the following questions.

1. What information should a summary include? (Include at least three characteristics of a good summary in your response.)

2. Identify one thing that a summary should not include, and explain why.

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  2. Here is a partial response:

    Brevity. In contrast, to reword, synopsis consolidates data. The level of concentration can shift: while you can sum up a 200-page book in fifty words, you can likewise sum up a twenty-five-page article in 500 words.
    Precision. Synopses ought to give a reasonable and exact image of the material, shorter length in any case. To do this, you, as the outline essayist, must comprehend the material altogether.
    Objectivity. Summaries must contain the first creator’s perspective, not your own. You are announcing, not editorializing. Indeed, even a simple explanation like “Smith accommodatingly calls attention to that…” is abstract.
    Brevity In contrast, to reword, synopsis consolidates data.

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