I need help with this assignment or some ideas please, I need to come up with an example of how two domains affect each other like physical, social, and emotional with children. I was trying to figure out how I can give an example of a 2 year old girl can't swallow food due to health problems where emotionally and socially her communication to people isn't good. I just am lost with this assignment.

Interesting. If I understand you correctly have you considered Cerebral Palsy? Physically speaking an individual may not be able to speak intelligibly or effectively control his or her body, however, cognitively speaking they may be just like everyone else.

A wonderful example is a fella named Christy Brown, made famous in a book and movie title “My Left Foot.” As a child Christy was thought of as an “”(Very outdated term) by his community and family. Through great effort he finally bridged that gap and expressed his intelligence by spelling “mother” on the kitchen floor with a piece of his sister’s chalk. He wrote it with his foot… the only part of his body left relatively unaffected by his disorder.

I would consider this a prime example of the physical domain affecting the social domain.

A few other things to note...

Cerebral Palsy is a congenital disorder so it certainly qualifies as an issue in childhood development.

Cerebral palsy can affect both mind and body, no case is the same.

Since you mentioned it I thought I'd point out that there's also an emotional link. Consider this: You have the same thoughts, emotions, desires and needs as everyone else around you, but your body refusing to follow your commands. As a result people speak to you like you're a child... or worse yet talk about you in the third person while you're in the room. Consider the impact this could have on relationships even at a very young age.

Give a shout if taking a disease or disability into context won’t count for your project and I’ll think of something else.

Yeah we can't use a disease or disability she is looking for a example of like when a child starts walking which we can't use that one because the instructor did that. She wants like an example of how two domains physical, social or emotional affect each other and then give age of child and how domains affect each other.

This was the example the instructor gave for us to follow but we couldn't use that example. The following is an example of how social-emotional development and physical development affect each other. YOU MAY NOT USE THIS EXAMPLE that I have provided for you as a sample response to this assignment:

Physically, toddlers (1 & 2 year olds) become more mobile through learning to walk. According to Erikson (1950), they also strive for autonomy in their social-emotional development. Their desire for autonomy motivates them to physically explore further from their caregivers, and their newly acquired motor skills provide them with the means to express their autonomy by moving further away from their caregivers.

Could you factor the concept of Object Permanence into this assignment?

For example, prior to learning the concept of object permanence if a child's ball rolls under the couch it's gone, *poof*, doesn’t exist. The same is true for the peek-a-boo game. When you put your hands over your face you’re gone. The child won’t recognize that the ball is still under the couch and could be retrieved, and a child won't recognize that you still exist when you’re hands are covering your face.

With the awareness of object permanence comes a whole new perspective on the world as well as a whole new sets of *wants* which will undoubted drive physical and expressive behavior.

A quick search on Google should yield some more detailed explanations.

Why don't you deal with something that is more common?
a ten year old boy who cant throw a ball (coordination)
Delayed growth spurt
Delayed puberty
Things like these have social and emotional consequences.

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