Chemistry (again)

I need help with this question: Suppose you bake two cakes and the the one with twice as much baking powder raises twice as much. Is this proof of the relation between concentration and reaction rate?

See I know concentration has an affect on reaction rate but I am not sure if this senario is proof that it does.PLEASE HELP!

I don't think so. The reaction rate = k*concentration but the concentration of baking powder doesn't increase with increasing baking powder because it is a solid. Adding more, or course, increases the amount of baking powder available to be decomposed but it doesn' change the rate.

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  1. Lakes that have been acidified by acid rain can be neutralized by addition of limestone (CaCO3) . How much limestone in kilograms would be required to completely neutraluze a 5.2 x 10-l lake containing 5.0 x 10 g if h2so4 per liter?

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    posted by Robbie

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