Read the paragraph.

Even though my life is very busy, I spend as much time as I can with my family. I often ask my dad, who is an excellent athlete, to play soccer with me. I also enjoy taking walks, baking desserts, and playing cards with my mom. However, nothing is better than watching movies with my loyal, black cat, Max.
How should this paragraph be revised so that it is correct?
A. The word “soccer” should be capitalized.
B. The comma after “however” should be removed.
C. The word “cat” should be capitalized.
D. The comma after “loyal” should be removed.****

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  1. hurry!

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  2. Ok you guys are taking way to long!

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  3. ha

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  4. y finger

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  5. You sound like a brat give people the time geesh

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  6. Imma say d because you really don’t need those commas by loyal black cat max

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  7. Okay I just got 100% lol the answers to the test are
    1. Which sentence should be capitalized correctly?
    A: I visit Mr.Sanchez every Monday at his office on North Columbia Drive
    2.which address is capitalized correctly?
    A: 4201 East Ridgeview Way, Chicago, Illinois
    3. Which sentence correctly uses commas?
    A: I slipped several times as I made my way up the steep,wet,rocky trail.
    4. Where in the sentence should a comma be placed?
    A: after the word however
    5. Which sentence contains a comma error?
    A: however,nothing is better than watching movies with my loyal,black cat, max
    6. How should this phargraph be revised so that it is correct?
    A: the commas after “loyal” should be removed.

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