Write the label P for positive, C for comparative, or S for superlative to describe the degree of comparison of the modifier in parentheses.
The team was dressing for the (most important) game of the season.

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  1. here's the answers to the poems of darkness online practice
    1. p
    2. s
    3. c
    4. quickest
    5. surest
    6. muddiest
    7. higher
    8. lower
    hope i helped, have a great night(:

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  2. mama luigi is 100% correct

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  3. Also if you really wanna make sure just remember
    Positive is the standard (Good, Bad, High)
    Comparative is kind of like comparing (Good-er, Bad-er, High-er)
    Superlative is the best (Good-est, Bad-est, High-est)

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  4. thanks mama luigi

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  5. Poems Of Darkness - Quick Check
    1. The words "jingling, tinkling" in line 14 of "The Bells" are NOT an example of ?

    A.repetition *****
    C. consonance

    2. Which if the following sentences uses an adjective in the positive degree?

    A. The whole coast was beaten by harsh winds.*******
    B. The winds seemed even harsher than the day before.
    C. The villagers stated those were the harshest winds they had ever experienced.

    3. What is the connotative meaning of the raven in Poe's "The Raven"?
    A.a black bird
    B. a fickle friend
    C. an omen of death******

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