Language Arts

A) Which one of these statements is true about summaries?
They can help a reader remember a story. $$$
They can help a reader understand the author.
They can help a reader to be objective.
They can help a reader write a story.
Question 2
A) What should a summary identify?
the most important details in a story $$$
the author's purpose for the story
a critique of the story
an analysis of the story
Question 3
A) Which element should not be included in a summary of a story?
opinions $$$
Question 4
A) To create a summary after reading a story, what step should someone do during the reading?
Remember everything that happens in the story.
Write down whatever the main character says.
Take notes that identify characters and events.$$$
Write down what happens in the story word for word.

Anybody agree?

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  1. Agree with all, yes.

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  2. Me too.

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  3. I picked the same options lol, its right!

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  4. 100%

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  5. They are correct

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  6. Correct.

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  7. Just took the quick check. ":)" is 100% correct.

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