ELA please help!

Which of the following is the main idea of a story?(1 point)

A. the idea that connects the story’s parts

B. the message that the author expresses through key details in the text

C. the qualities of the main characters

D. the key details in a story***

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  1. i will post the answers when i am done with the quick check.

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  2. wow no one has posted the answers i can post them lol

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  3. c
    these are answers

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  4. why cant you spell diamond

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  5. diomond is compleatly wrong

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  6. i got banned so.

    1) the idea that connects the story’s parts

    2) caring for a pet can help people become more responsible

    3) by analyzing details about the main character, plot, setting, and symbols that contribute to the developmemt of the theme

    4) main idea, identify, theme, analyze

    5) a lesson about life

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  7. completely is wrong too xd

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  8. if you want more answers u can dm me on disc.

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