Energy Systems Portfolio conexus school

hello, I have a very important school Energy Systems Portfolio coming up and I really need help on this so please please take your time to help me, please.

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  1. and this is what it says Mabey this can help you

    Create a Diagram
    Make sure your diagram shows your best creative efforts. Use symbols and graphics. If appropriate, insert labels and brief descriptions to elaborate on the processes.

    When you are finished creating your diagram or model, review it with a critical eye. Make sure it meets the requirements in the rubric. Analyze and evaluate your own work. Check that your diagram has good readability. Does it have too much or too little depth of information? Make revisions. Refine your work. Make sure you have maximized your creative efforts.

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  2. The directions are very clear. Did you follow them?

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  3. welpppppp T>T

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  4. can someone please help

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  5. @a connexus school worker 6th thanks for explaining it to me I now understand it.

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  6. im gonna fail i dont understand i need help

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  7. help I'm gonna fail if I don't pass this

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