Can someone help me on Ethics Surrounding Pricing Strategies? this is for connexus. PLS PLS HELP heres one of the questions

Styles Department Store is located on one end of a shopping mall and Taylor's Threads is located on the other side of the mall. Both stores have the same black leather jacket on sale. Styles Department Store has priced the jacket at $149.98, and the same jacket is priced at $150.00 at Taylor's Threads. Even though there is only a two cent difference, Styles Department Store has sold 30% more jackets than Taylor's Threads. What type of pricing strategy is Styles Department Store using?
reference pricing strategy
price lining strategy
fair price strategy
odd pricing strategy
let me know if you know the answers to the whole thing theres 10 questions <3

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  1. I will narrow the answers down for you. It is either C or D. then tell me what you think and I will check it.

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  2. I think its D odd pricing ends with 9 I believe

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  3. Yes you are correct good job!!!!

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  4. Thank you!

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