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1. What were the main complaints that Texans had about living under Mexican rule? Select all that apply.

Mexico barred slavery.
Mexico was independent of Spain.**
Mexico had a federal government.
Mexico limited religious freedom.**

2. Which of the following influenced the Republic of Texas’ new government? Select all that apply.

Mexican Constitution of 1824
governments of neighboring Southern states
U.S. Constitution**
American ideals of liberty and justice**

3. Who were among the presidents of the Republic of Texas? Select all that apply.

George Childress**
Sam Houston**
Lorenzo de Zavala
Mirabeau Lamar

4. At the victory at Bexar, the Texans were able to capture which present-day city?

El Paso
San Antonio**

5. What was the main theme of William B. Travis' letter entitled "To the People of Texas and All Americans in
the World"?

an appeal for calm
freedom at any cost**
peace at any price
retreat and reevaluate

6. Which of the following advantages did Sam Houston use in order to lead Texas to victory over the
Mexican forces in the fight for Texas independence? Select all that apply.

the landscape of Texas**
superior numbers of soldiers
unlimited money sent by the United States
the courageous spirit of the people of Texas**

7. Which phrases should you enter into a search engine to locate information about important losses by
Texans during the Texas Revolution? Select all that apply.

“victims of the Goliad Massacre”
“siege in December 1835”
“results of San Jacinto”
“defenders of the Alamo”**

8. What was the original goal of the Texans who rebelled in 1835?
to win independence**
to join the United States
to make Mexico follow its constitution
to become a separate Mexican state

9. Which event marked the end of the Texas Revolution?

Texans defended their cannon at Gonzales.
The United States annexed Texas.**
Texans won control of the Alamo.
Mexico agreed to the Treaty of Velasco.

10. Which concern about Texas joining the Union was the most significant in the debate that took place
within the United States in the 1840s?

The Texas economy would slow down the economy of the United States as a whole.**
Texas would not have enough representation in the U.S. Congress.
Slave states would have greater political power in the United States.
The political power of northern states would increase in the United States.

11. Which of the following best represents President Houston's attitude regarding the state’s debt in the
early days of the Republic of Texas?

“I need to locate new sources of income.”
“I can easily get a loan from the United States.”
“Texas has plenty of gold and silver to back paper money.”
“The public has confidence in the government right now.”**

12. Why did Americans want to annex Texas?
to force Mexico to stop attacking Texans
to make Great Britain agree to help Texas
to increase U.S. power in North America
to balance the number of free and slave states in the United States

13. Which statement about Texans during the U.S.-Mexico War is most accurate?

Texas soldiers rarely broke the rules of war.
Texan women played an insignificant role in the war eort.
The Texas Rangers were not allowed to fight in the war.
Some Texans saw the war as a chance for revenge aer the Alamo.

14. A U.S. victory in the war with Mexico was essential to achieve which major goal?

control the Rocky Mountains
acquire land in Central Mexico
spread slavery into the Southwest
expand the U.S. to the Pacific Coast

15. What was the main effect of the U.S.-Mexican War on Texas?

The state’s western border was set.**
U.S. military presence spurred population growth.
Tejano influence in Mexico basically ended.
Slavery was allowed in Texas for the first time.

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    4. D
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