1. What type of heritage language do people whose families are native to America speak?(1 point)

influenced language

colonial language

immigrant language

indigenous language***

2. Use the sentences to answer the question.

Anneke's ancestors came to Illinois from Sweden in the 1880s. She does not speak Swedish herself. However, she understands it when her great-grandparents speak it.

How do you know that immigrant language is the type of heritage language spoken in Anneke's family?

(1 point)

Anneke's family arrived in the United States within the last two centuries.

Anneke's family has learned how to speak different languages for school and work.***

Anneke's family is native to America.

Anneke's family came from Europe during the colonial era.

3. What is true about oral tradition?(1 point)

They involve problems that are unresolved.

They will be uninteresting to people outside of the culture in which they were created.

They involve a person going on a long journey.

They use structures that will be familiar to modern readers.***

Can someone please check my answers?

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  1. Someone help!!!!!

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  2. Those are all correct, except for 2. The answer is D
    (i just took this and two was wrong thats how i know)

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  3. hope I'm not too late
    1.indigenous language
    2.Anneke's family arrived in the US within the last two centuries
    3.She is lazy.
    4.They use structures that will be familiar to modern readers

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  4. ^^^^^”?” Is right I got a 100% on my grandpa..

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  5. ? is correct!

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  6. ? thank you i gat a 100% :)

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  7. ? is right

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