Language Arts

Lesson 4: Structure of Cultural Literature
Language Arts 7 A Unit 9: Cultural Literacy

Structure of Cultural Literature Quick Check
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Assessment started: Structure of Cultural Literature Quick Check.
Item 1
What type of heritage language do people whose families are native to America speak?(1 point)

indigenous language

colonial language

influenced language

immigrant language
I need all the answers

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  1. indigenous language

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  2. B, indigenous language
    D, Anneke's family arrived in the US within the last two centuries
    B, She is lazy.
    B, They use structures that will be familiar to modern readers

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  3. letters were wrong but the word answers right I got 100% thx aaa123456789

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  4. Sometimes schools will flip the letters around

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  5. aaa123456789 is correct thanks for the 100%

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  6. Oh hey E this is the third time I ran into you! XD
    You don't know me though cause I never planned on talking.

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  7. Sigh I'm always late for conversations this conversation was 2 days ago

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  8. man im always a month late

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