A horizontal force of 0.80N is required to pull a 5kg bullet across a table top at a constant speed. With the block initially at rest, a 20g bullet fired horizontally into the block causes the block to slide 1.5m before coming to rest again. Determine the speed V of the bullet where the bullet is assumed to be in the block

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  2. mu m g = .8 N
    mu*5*9.81 = .8 N
    mu = .8 /(5*9.81)
    work done by friction during stop =mu 20 *9.81 * 1.5 meters
    (1/2) (20) v^2 = [ .8 /(5*9.81) ] 20* 9.81 * 1.5
    10 v^2 = [ .8 ] 4 * 1.5

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