Western Civilization

I have a essay for Next Wednesday about The massacre on SAint Bartholomew's day.
so i have to consider it again from perspective of four imaginary observers.
One of them is Marcel, who is soldier in the royal army.
then compose essay on how he is react or respond to this events! I do not even know who Marcel is and there are 3 other i have no idea about!

Help me if you can!

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asked by mimi
  1. If they are imaginary observers, then maybe you are free to determine who they are and what they think. The point is that you would have to know what a soldier in the army at that time would think. How would he react to the event?

    Same with the others. Who are they? Or do you get to create the characters?

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  2. ohhh ok! Thank you!!!!:)))

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    posted by mimi

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