For 15 hours of work, a plumber charges $435.
If he charges the same amount for each hour of work, which table shows the correct relationship between what he charges and the number of hours he works?

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  1. There isn't any tables:)

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  2. 15 h * X $/h = $ 435
    X = (435 / 15) = $ 29 / hour

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  3. A.Time Worked (hours) Amount charged
    1 $29
    3. $58
    5 $87
    7 $116

    B. Time Worked (hours) Amount charged
    3 $87
    5 $145
    7 $203
    9 $261
    C. Time Worked (hours) Amount charged
    10 $315
    11 $345
    12 $375
    13 $405
    D. .Time Worked (hours) Amount charged
    3 $95
    6 $180
    9 $265
    12 $350

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  4. what r the whole answers

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  5. This is the wrong QUESTION for the test

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