(04.05 MC)
Map with large caption that says 'Plains' and an area is yellow with headers that read 'Skidi,' 'Pawnee,' 'Chaui,' 'Pittahauenat,' and 'Kitkehaki.' The yellow area also features rivers, the North Loop, the Loop, the Middle Loop and the Platte, among others. The green area has headers that say 'Omaha,' 'Ponca,' 'Yankton,' 'Oto,' and 'Kansa.' The Missouri River and a number of small tributaries are featured in this region.

National Atlas of the United States, May, 2013

Review this map of the Native American tribes of the Great Plains. What can you conclude about how the rivers in this area benefited the tribes? (1 point)

The rivers limited war by making travel difficult.
The rivers helped to strengthen tribal boundaries.
The rivers allowed for a good system of communication.
The rivers helped explorers travel safely through native lands.

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