Read the excerpt from Monster.

I don’t remember seeing him play ball.

You having trouble remembering what you’ve seen?

No, but I’ve seen a lot of ball games. I watch a lot of ball games.

Are you nervous? Do you want to take a few minutes?
Which statement correctly describes the characterization in the excerpt?
A. Steve's words characterize him as forgetful and confused.
B. Steve's words characterize him as dishonest and insecure.
C. Petrocelli's words characterize Steve as forgetful and confused.
D. Petrocelli's words characterize Steve as dishonest and insecure.
Honestly I have no clue what the answer is

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  1. is PysDAG right?

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  2. D, Petrocelli’s words characterize Steve as is honest and insecure

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  3. iusbgefiuwbefiuwsegfiluawbefwe

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  4. I would say D. I'm saying this because he says "are you nervous?" which could hint to him thinking that steve is being dishonest.
    Only my opinion.

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