These statements describe a solution region for a system of linear inequalities:
The intersections of its three boundaries are at (0, 4), (6, 1), and (0, -2).
The boundary that is farthest left is dashed and vertical, and it intercepts the x-axis at (0,
The boundary at the top is solid, with a y-intercept of 4 and a slope of -1/2.
The boundary at the bottom is solid, with a slope of 1/2 and an x-intercept of 4.
The solution region is found in two quadrants.
Use these statements to identify the system of linear inequalities, and then graph the system.

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    y = -.5 x + 4

    y = .5 x + b and goes through (4, 0)
    0 = 2 + b so b = -2
    y = .5 x - 2

    left is x = 0 vertical (the y axis)

    so a triangle shaded inside in quadrants 1 and 4
    x > 0
    y </= -0.5 x +4
    y >/= +0.5 x - 2

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