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Use the sentences to answer the question.

"A claim is simply a statement of opinion—your point of view regarding a topic. However, a strong claim in an argument should be significant."

Which sentence contains the most significant claim?
Carrots grow in many gardens.

Carrots are grown by many gardeners.

Carrots are the easiest vegetable to grow.

Carrots require no special tending to grow. ***

Use the sentence to answer the question.

"Claim: Volunteerism is what keeps communities strong."

Why is this a strong claim for an argumentative essay?
It is a false statement.

It is a positive statement. ***

It is a fact.

It is an opinion.

Use these sentences to answer the question.

"To develop a strong claim, start with a topic. Then ask questions to clarify your ideas about the topic."

What must a strong claim have to support it?



evidence ***

Use the following text to answer the question.

"Insupportable claim: Apples are the best-tasting fruit for desserts.

Supportable claim: Apples are very popular for making desserts."

What does the insupportable claim lack?


evidence ***


Use this sentence to answer the question.

"Any argumentative writing has a purpose of persuading the audience to believe something or do something."

How should persuasive writing convince the reader to believe something or do something?
through opinions and argument

through reasons and argument ***

through ideas and argument

through persuasion and argument

Please help

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  1. Plz help me this is due today

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  2. I think it looks good just go for it

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  4. I missed two :(

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  5. which two?

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  6. 1. Carrots are the easiest vegetable to grow.
    2.It is an opinion.
    rest are correct

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  7. thank you @bean

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  8. B
    100% right

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  9. what is the fifth one

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  10. Its

    1: B
    2: C
    3: A
    4: A
    5: D

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  11. Hello im Jen and i have a test and its 14 questions.

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  12. Here is the answers don’t believe the other ones
    Carrots are the easiest vegetables to grow
    It is an opinion
    Through a reason and argument

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  13. i have 23 questons...

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  14. fax

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