language arts

Read this excerpt from Through The Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll.

“You're wrong THERE, at any rate,” said the Queen: “were YOU ever punished?”

“Only for faults,” said Alice.

“And you were all the better for it, I know!” the Queen said triumphantly.

“Yes, but then I HAD done the things I was punished for,” said Alice: “that makes all the difference.”

“But if you HADN'T done them,” the Queen said, “that would have been better still; better, and better, and better!” Her voice went higher with each “better,” till it got quite to a squeak at last.

Alice was just beginning to say “There's a mistake somewhere—”
Which line from the excerpt is an example of a statement that is both logical and nonsensical?

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  1. “But if you HADN'T done them,” the Queen said, “that would have been better still; better, and better, and better!”

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  2. 1.A
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  6. Here's my answers on lesson 11 making sense unit review connexus (I got a 78.6%)
    2: A
    3: A
    4: D
    5: B
    6: A
    7: B
    8: B
    9: D
    11: A
    12: A
    13: A
    I hope this helps !!

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