Consumer Awareness

Which keeps you from paying a fee you if you accidentally write a check and have insufficient funds in you checking account?
Overdraft Protection
the FDIC
a checkbook register
a debit card

Is it A?

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  2. Health UNIT 10
    Consumer Awareness LESSON 4 Consumer Awareness Unit Test

    1.a.overddraft insures bank deposits.
    4.c.what service fees does the bank charge?.
    5.d.communicating to persuade consumers to buy a product card fraud is protected by federal law.
    7.d.right to safety
    8.a.a contract.
    9.b.the ads blend in with website content.
    10.c.television ads
    11.c.romantic appeal
    12.b.the current amount of money in your account
    13.a. putting money into an account
    14.amateur golfers want to play like professional golfers
    15.a.paid searches

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