I posted this yesterday but no one told me if my answers were correct.

Can someone please check my answers.

1. Solve. –7x + 1 + 8x = x + 1

A) Identity B) No solution C) 1 D) 0

My answer: A) Identity

2.The length of one of the equal legs of an isosceles triangle is 8 cm less than 4 times the length of the base. If the perimeter is 29 cm, find the length of one of the equal legs.

A) 11 cm B) 12 cm C) 5 cm D) 4 cm

My answer: B) 12cm

3. A home purchased for $300,000 depreciated 8% over a 1-year period. What was the value of the home after at the end of the year?

A) $274,000 B) $278,000 C) $272,000 D) $276,000

My answer: D) $276,000

4. Solve. 8x - 1 - x = 7x + 1

A) No solution B) 0 C) 1 D) Identity

My answer: A) No solution

5.Elaine was charged $195 interest for 1 month on a $1000 credit card balance. What was the monthly interest rate?

A) 20.5% B) 20% C) 19% D) 19.5%

My answer: D) 19.5%

Looks OK!


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asked by Noah
  1. you can get the breakdown and the answer on webmath and it explains how to work the proble out go under algebra and then inequalities

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