Read this excerpt from Immigrant Kids by Russell Freedman.

Those who failed to get past both doctors had to undergo a more thorough medical exam. The others moved on to the registration clerk, who questioned them with the aid of an interpreter: What is your name? Your nationality? Your occupation? Can you read and write? Have you ever been in prison? How much money do you have with you? Where are you going?

Some immigrants were so flustered that they could not answer. They were allowed to sit and rest and try again.Which detail best supports the idea that being interviewed at Ellis Island was very stressful for the immigrants?

Immigrants sometimes were exhausted and hungry after the voyage.
Some immigrants got so nervous that they couldn’t answer the questions.
Clerks at Ellis Island asked if immigrants could read and write.
The registration clerk used an interpreter to question immigrants.

Help me please.

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  1. The answer is B I just took the test. :)

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  2. b is correct i am on it right now

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  3. The answer is B: After passing a medical exam, immigrants would be asked their name and questioned by a clerk in their native language. Topics included nationality, what kind of work they could do, and literacy. Each person was also asked if they had been to prison, how much money they had brought, and their destination in the United States.

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  4. its b

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