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What is most likely to occur when jagged edges of rock plates grind past each other?

a mountain chain

earthquake ! ! ! mine

volcanic formation


Which land features are most likely found near a convergent plate boundary?

hot springs and geysers

rift valleys and ridges

faults and ocean basins

volcanoes and mountains ! ! ! Mine

Maria has been asked to create a model of a feature formed at convergent plate boundaries. Which feature should she model?

mid-Atlantic Ridge

Andes Mountains ! ! ! mine

San Andreas Fault

East African Rift Valley

Where do earthquakes normally occur?

at the center of tectonic plates

at the center of Earth’s core

at the edges of Earth’s bodies of water

at the edges of tectonic plates ! ! ! Mine

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  1. i forgot the rest lol
    A chain of islands form by volcanic activity over a hot spot. Would you expect islands to keep forming with time?

    No, because when a hot spot is located in the ocean, it cools down and becomes dormant.

    No, because once a volcano has erupted, it will not erupt again.

    Yes, because the hot spot will cause the existing islands to break into smaller islands. ! ! ! mine

    Yes, because new islands will form as the volcanoes emerge from the sea.

    Which phrase best describes frost wedging?(1 point)

    a type of erosion that occurs due to temperature changes ! ! ! Mine

    a type of physical weathering that occurs due to friction

    a type of erosion that occurs due to friction

    a type of physical weathering that occurs due to temperature changes

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  2. Does the environment affect the soil?

    Yes, as it affects particle size and soil composition. ! ! ! mine

    No, because soil is the same in all environments.

    Yes, but it only affects its particle size.

    No, because soil type is determined only by particle size.

    Why are farming practices like terraced fields important in terms of soil conservation?

    They prevent soil from eroding and becoming lost, which is essential because soil is a nonrenewable resource. ! ! ! Mine

    They cause nutrients in the soil to leak out, which is essential because plants need nutrient-poor soil.

    They remove pollutants from the soil, which is essential because living things depend on pollutant-free soil.

    They help limit the amount of soil that is produced, which is essential because soil is a renewable resource.

    Which statement is correct?

    There is a thin layer of topsoil in temperate areas. ! ! ! mine

    There is a thin layer of topsoil in tropical rain forests.

    There is a thick layer of humus in dry deserts.

    There is a thick layer of humus in cold deserts.

    How is chemical weathering different from physical weathering?(ok so im pretty sure everyone knows this but if you don't heres a free question :) )

    Chemical weathering requires a reaction with water, while physical weathering does not.

    Chemical weathering involves plants and animals, while physical weathering does not.

    Chemical weathering results in the breakdown of rock, while physical weathering does not.

    Chemical weathering forms new substances, while physical weathering does not. ! ! ! Mine

    Why do scientists think the Grand Canyon was once covered by an ocean?

    The Grand Canyon is located along coastlines that likely flooded.

    The sedimentary rock type forming layers of the canyon formed under the sea.

    Seawater has been found seeping up through the canyon floor. ! ! ! mine

    Only an ocean would have the strength to erode the rock forming the Grand Canyon.

    A family determines that the well on their property holds less water each year.

    Which statement best explains why this has happened?

    An earthquake shifted the aquifer to a new spot.

    Freezing temperatures below the ground have caused the water to become ice.

    The aquifer has slowly become dry over time. ! ! ! Mine

    The rocks in the well have become harder.

    Figure the essay questions out on your own. I'll do the same...

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