Engineering and Technology

Lesson 4: Wrapping up Unit 6
Concepts of Engineering an Technology Unit 6: Mechanical engineering
Unit 6 quiz

4. Why are mechanical skills important?
A. Engineering principles will e applied to machines.
B. Engineers will need creativity to build effectives machines.*
C. Engineers will need the tools to effectively problem-solve.
D. Engineers will be required to maintain the machines that they create.

5. An external combustion engine is to turbine as internal combustion engine is to....
A. oil
B. motor
C. steam
D. piston*

7. There are few uses for sulfuric acid.
True *

8. Much more is known about quantum mechanics than classical mechanics.

11. Ford invented the quadricycle, which was...
A. a new type of production
B. the forerunner of automobile
C. a improved design for horse carriages
D. a type of bicycle that four people could ride*

12. Examining entropy is...
A. measuring disorder and randomness.
B. identifying regular patterns of movement.
C. studying how temperature impacts motions.*
D. determining where energy goes when transmitted.

13. Volatility relates to which of the following?
A. Electrons
B. Vaporization
C. Visualization
D. Decomposition*

14. A motor or engine does which of the following?
A. Uses electric energy exclusively.
B. Has fewer that two moving parts.
C. Converts energy into another form.
D. Are almost always dependent on chemical energy.

15. Which of the following best descries kinematics?
A. The causes of motion.
B. Very advanced algebra.*
C. How things move, not why.
D. Movement within the body.

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