I am one of your teachers. Please know that if you are using this site or others for your answers in my class, I will be calling home and we will talk together with your family about consequences of cheating.

Yes, we do know you are cheating. However, you are only cheating yourself out of a very valuable education! You see, when we all come out of this pandemic, some people are going to be VERY behind in their learning progress. This is going to put them VERY behind other people when it comes to college, jobs, scholarship opportunities, and just plain EDUCATION. So, in short, you are putting yourself in the back of the line by using a site like this to steal your education.

Not much we can do about your cheating, other than notify your family. However, I want my students to be at the front of the line! So, stop using this site! Be fair to yourself!

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  1. You are not one of my teachers, and you cannot know whether we are cheating or not unless A) Someone is enough to believe this or B) You hacked into your students computer which is also illegal<3 XD

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