What do we call the first 10 amendments?

What do we call the first ten amendments of the constitution?
1. C. Bill of rights
2. D. We the people
3. A. The president
4. C 100
5. B the president
6. D November
7. B 9
8. (Change for what state you live in)
9. D Governors and The president
10. D The federal government can create an army
11. C 18
12. A, C (Liberty and life)
13. B right to peacefully assemble
14. C six years
15. C reviews laws
16. A two years
17. D democratic and republican
18. A congress
19. B the constitution
20. A an addition to the constitution
21. A, C (house of representatives and senate)
22. D two four year terms
23. C, D (Vice president and Attorney General)
24. C providing education
25. B defines the government
26. D Government must obey the law
27. C 435
28. B Vice President
29. B president and governor
30. C obey the laws of the United States
I hope these can help you guys out, they are all right. While it may not be 50/50 I’m just putting the rest of the answers in separately and giving my hand time to rest from typing. 🖤

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  1. They are all right I just meant it’s not 50/50 of the questions written down in the same one but here’s the rest of them:
    31. D Slavery
    32. A she fought for women’s rights
    33. C advises the president
    34. D Supreme Court
    35. B when they turn 18
    36. C all of the people within the senators state
    37. C civil rights movement
    38. A executive
    39. D checks and balances
    40. C a male citizen of any race can vote
    41. A, D( freedom of speech and freedom to petition the government)
    42. C serve on a jury
    43. D slaves
    44. (Changes with your state but for Minnesota it is Red lake Nation)
    45. D because of the states population
    46. D the right of run for federal office
    47. C Native Americans
    48. C to gain economic opportunities
    49. B you can practice any religion
    50. A, B(Write an opinion piece for a newspaper and call senators and representatives)
    My wrist is going to go take a well deserved break now. 🖤

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  2. you saved lives today my fellow friend<3

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  3. for anyone that doesnt care about good scores if you are in Connexus you got an email saying all you need to do is complete the exam not pass PLEASE check your webmail if you do not care!

    ALSO thank you kind sir its the people like you that we need on this site not people like ms sue

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