Use the paragraphs below to answer the question.

Recycling reduces the amount of waste sent to community landfills. The less waste sent to landfills, the fewer landfills needed to dump the waste. This, in turn, prevents natural resources such as land space and trees from being harvested to make areas for landfill use.

Another benefit of recycling is the potential to save energy. Making products from recycled materials requires less energy than making products from raw materials. For example, making new aluminum materials from recycled soda cans uses 95% less energy than making them from scratch.

Just as paper, plastic, and aluminum can be recycled, so can food waste. And it's good for the environment, too! Households can use food waste for compost that can grow more food source products.

Write an introduction for these paragraphs in three to five sentences.

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  1. You write your assignment, and a tutor might be able to check it for you.

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  2. this was posted on october 5th and no one still has the answer...this gotta be a joke right...?

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  3. but is not lol

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  4. You might hear alot of people say "Make sure to recycle" when your holding on to something like a water bottle, Well that's because its very important to recycle. Recycling can save the environment(s) around you as well as maybe some animals who are fond of eating trash. Recycling can also benefit your community by making less work needing to clean up a certain area.

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  6. thx ~Savior of the time~ (Jk just stoopid)

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  7. Your teachers are aware that you are using these websites to cheat on your Unit 5 test. You will get failing grades on the test for using these answers. Please be honest in your work and stop cheating and using answers that are not your own. Thank you!

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  8. U sure teach I got 100% on everyone :D

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  9. Here´s my improved (I think) version of ~savior of the time~´s introduction! I hope this helps you all, and please change it so it isn't plagiarized.

    You might hear a lot of people say "Make sure to recycle" when you're holding on to something like a water bottle. well, it's very important that you do! Recycling prevents animals from eating the dangerous plastic, and makes clean-up efforts in your area easier for everyone!

    Good luck on your tests and grades everyone!

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