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I have a 6th grade test and I need all of these questions answered!

1: It is important to learn, practice, and master the skills of of good health. Four of the key skills included

A. Advocacy, asking key questions, communicating, and making good decisions

B. Advocacy, communicating, making decisions, and practicing good health behaviors

C. Analyzing influences, asking key questions, communicating, and setting goals

D. Asking key questions, communicating, making decisions, setting goals

2. Healthy People 2020 includes a set of objectives aimed at reducing risky health behaviors. A major focus is on ____ taking action to avoid disease, injury, and other negative health outcomes

A. Action Plan

B. Health literacy

C. Prevention

D. Value

3. Sam has set a goal to safely preform a bench-press weight lifting every time he completes this exercise. In order to learn Bench-press weight lifting safety, Sam has:
1: Received instruction from his football coach why it is important to use proper technique while bench press weight lifting
2: watched one video demonstrating the proper form.

A. Yes, Sam now knows why it is important to use proper technique

B. No, Sam only watched one video demonstrating proper techniques.

C. Yes, Sam paid close attention to the demonstration video

D. No, Sam did not build the skill by practicing the technique himself

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  1. the answers are
    1: B
    2: C
    3: D

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  2. Beware. The question answer's exact letter are randomized for each student's screen.

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