yo yo yo what is the answer to this ELA Question!?

What is a common way for an author to introduce an important idea or central concept?(1 point)

A. by elaborating through adding details about the topic

B. by starting with an interesting fact or detail about the topic

C. by illustrating different features or components of a topic

D. by providing anecdotes showing examples connected to the topic just give me the answer if my answer is wrong I think the answer is A tell me the right answer plzzzzzzzzzzzz :)

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  1. I don't think I took this one, But its most likely B since its *introduce* in the question?

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  2. i have the same thing

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  3. I think that It would be B, im not a big genius, but idk, sorry if its wrong lol

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  4. 1.anecdote


    3.The author would start with an interesting fact or detail about the topic.

    4.by stating facts and
    by sharing anecdotes

    i just did the quick check

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  5. someone is correct I got 100% on my quick check

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  6. Thx someone I got 100%

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