Language Arts

Read this excerpt from A Girl from Yamhill.

In the morning I descended from the bedroom by sliding down the banister railing, which curved at the end to make a flat landing place just right for my bottom. At night I climbed the long flight of stairs alone, undressed in the dark because I could not reach the light, and went to bed. I was not afraid and did not know that other children were tucked in bed and kissed good night by parents not too tired to make an extra trip up a flight of stairs after a hard day’s work.
Based on this excerpt, how does the narrator feel about her home as a child?
A. She feels it is dark and cramped.
B. She feels it is warm and cozy.
C. She feels it is safe and comfortable.#
D. She feels it is spacious and spooky.

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  1. I think its c

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  2. It is c

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