Environmental Science

Can someone please help me match up my vocad since I've gotten them all wrong in class the other day?

1.__Mississippi River
2.__Area above an aquifer
3.__Bottled water
5.__multiple sources
6.__fertilizer runoff
7.__law designed to improve water quality
8.__Surface water that percolates through soil


b.recharge zone
c.nonpoint-source pollution
f.artifical eutrophication
g.1972 Clean Water Act

i think 7 is g, and 6 might be f, and 8 is h.

o.k. thanks! can you help me with the rest or can you get someone else to help?

i'm pretty sure you could find the rest of the answers on encyclopedia sites... just use google.

I think:
1. B OR E
2. B OR E
3. D
4. A
5. ?
6. F OR C
7. G
8. H

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asked by Mack

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