Choose the correct form of each verb to complete the passage.

Select the correct answer from the list.

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The cows in the field
the grass, and the bird on the fence
. The children on their way to school
at the bird. The stream among the trees

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  1. Incomplete.

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  2. Is the ones he put on there right tho plz tell meeeeee

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  3. Here. I would put the letters but Connexus ly switches them up for whatever reason. \_('')_/

    1) eat; sings; look; flows.

    2) Millie might not be able to attend the play tonight because she still has to find someone to watch her two-year-old daughter for the night.

    3) The redwood tree was incredibly tall.

    4) very

    5) envelopes

    6) compound sentence

    7) Fred noted it's a poor time to plant spring flowers until after the last frost.

    8) comma

    9) Michael’s mom asked him to pick up a few things at the grocery for their taco dinner: beans, cheese, and salsa.

    10) The PTA agreed to fund a fall field trip. The seventh-grade class voted on the destination. Some voted for the zoo, others voted for the museum. After the voting, the student council announced that the zoo is the winner.

    11) Everyone is excited for the pep rally. Katie and Jill are in charge of blowing up the balloons, their least favorite task. They hate how the balloons have to be completely full of helium or it won't float. On the other side of the gym, Sam is practicing the cheer routine. If she doesn't practice, she could embarrass herself. The last to arrive are Brynn and Avery with the shirts to give away. As long as everyone does their part, the pep rally will be a success.

    12) The word "that" is used when you are focusing in on an item, to describe something. For example, "That dog is cute". "Which" is used when you are deciding on one or more items. For example, "Which dog is cuter?".

    13) This summer, a popular sandwich shop called Mark’s Deli will be opening downtown. The deli will offer free tastings of their most popular sandwiches on: Friday, May 10, Saturday, May 11, and Sunday, May 12. The samples will include mouth-watering bites of the Veggie Deluxe, a wrap with roasted vegetables and hummus; the Italian Combo, a selection of Italian meats and cheeses on a roll; and the famous B.L.T., made with bacon, lettuce, and tomato on toasted rye bread. Mark’s Deli already has several other locations including Boston, Massachusetts; Brooklyn, New York; and Portland, Maine.

    The next questions are writing questions. 10-13 were also writing questions, but you were only aloud to say one thing so there will be no evidence of cheating. I hope this helps :)

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  4. These are the correct answers THXXXXXX SO SO SO MUCH TO YOLKETS 100% NO CAP

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  5. Yolkers is correctttt

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  6. thx yolkers u saved my life

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  7. good luck with the test yall =)

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  8. TYSM Yolkers I got a 100% TY

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  9. I dont think you guys should be cheating like this, I think you guys should at least do the questions on your own and then use this to check your answer, just to test your brain. :) pls dont hate on me. Im very shy. ''

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  10. Then why are you on the site specifically for cheating? Get off then.

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