All living things are composed of the four categories of biomolecules you see here. These molecules are also called macromolecules because they are very large. The function of biomolecules is determined by its structure. Some are building blocks, some supply energy and others, like protein-based enzymes, act as catalysts for chemical reactions. Regardless of the structure or function, all four types of biomolecules have several elements in common. What are they?
A. C-H
B. C-H-O
C. C-H-O-N
D. H-O ***

As an 8th grader, one group of biomolecules has been and continues to be very important to how your body develops and functions: hormones. Many human hormones are ____________-based compounds.
A. lipid
B. protein ***
C. carbohydrate
D. nucleic acid

The amino acids of this particular macromolecule are linked by what type of bond?
A. ionic bond
B. helix bond
C. peptide bond ***
D. metallic bond

The picture shows carbon forming covalent bonds to make what biomolecule?
A. lipids
B. proteins
C. carbohydrates ***
D. nucleic acids
Could someone check these as well? Thanks so much

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