Hi can someone plz help me check my answers?
1.Which of the following expressions has three factors?(1 point)
A. x+y−4
2.How many factors does the expression (17−r) have?
3.Which of the following expressions has two factors and two quantities?
4.What are the factors of 2b(3−c)?
A.b, c
B.2, b, (3−c)*****
5.Are the expressions (x+7)(x−3) and (x−3)(x+7) equivalent expressions? Explain.
A.The expressions are not equivalent because they have different factors.
B.The expressions are not equivalent because they have different quantities.*****
C.The expressions are equivalent because they have the same number of factors.
D.The expressions are equivalent because they have the same factors. Thank you so much!!

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  1. #1 ok
    #2 nope. See #1
    #3 ok if by a "quantity" you mean a variable or unknown
    #4 ok
    #5 nope. Review the commutative property of multiplication.

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  2. Ok so 2. is B and 5. is D

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  3. 2. A. One

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  4. It's

    1) 5(p+6) (p-4)
    2) one
    3) (d-2) (c+3)
    4) 2,b,(3-c)
    5) The expressions are equivalent because they have the same factors

    I got all of them right and because no one was really very helpful I decided to do it myself hope this helps stay safe and please actually go study.

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  5. Scottland is correct!

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  6. How many terms in the following expression? 5 4 d 8g •6 + −2 a) 6 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4

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  7. Scottland coming in clutch, I hope you have a successful life bro

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