Genetic Factors in Inheritance Quick Check.
1. What is the definition of epistasis?
A. When the allele of one gene changes the genotype of another gene.
B. When the allele of one gene changes the phenotype of another gene.
C. When the allele of one gene masks the genotype of another gene.
D. When the allele of one gene masks the phenotype of another gene.***

2. What is an example of intermediate inheritance?
A. Tall and short plant heights.
B. Black and yellow coat color in Labrador Retrievers.
C. Roan coat color in horses.***
D. Seed shape in pea plants.

3. Consider that RR is red (dominate) and WW is white (dominate) plant phenotypes. The offspring of a cross between an RR plant and a WW plant would be
A. All pink. ***
B. Pink and white.
C. All white.
D. Red and pink.

4. Consider the plant phenotypes: RR is red (dominate). What type of inheritance will be shown where the alleles from each parent blend together in the expressed phenotype of the offspring?
A. Epistasis
B. Intermediate inheritance***
C. Recessive inheritance
D. Codominance

5. In a purebred white horse C^W and a purebred black horse C^B are bred together, what is the likelihood that their offspring will be roan with both colors represented?
A. 100%***
B. 50%
C. 0%
D. 25%

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  1. You are all correct!

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