You apply a force of 20 Nto a compressed spring that has a k= 150m
a) calculate the amount of compression
B) calculate the mass attached to the spring when moving with max speed 6m/s

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  1. For first part i got F= -- kx
    x = F/ k
    20/150= 0.133m

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  2. k= 150m
    well, units messed up
    F = - k x
    20 N = -k * x
    20 Newtons = -150 Newtons/ meter * x
    x = -(20/150) meters
    = - 0.133 meters
    one way for part B
    max Kinetic energy = max potential energy
    (1/2) m v^2 = (1/2) k Xmax^2
    m v^2 = 150 * (-0.133)^2 = 2.65
    m * 36 = 2.65

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