Our teacher gave us this quote "the one who got away" and we are supposed to figure out what it means. If anyone in the class does the entire class gets to go to our local Mexican restaurant for lunch!! Please help!

It is pretty obvious what it means, in English. It is often used with respect to a big fish not caught, or a person one should have married but did not ask or accept. Are you supposed to translate it into Spanish?

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Without knowing the context/reference or exactly what you were studying, etc. it would be impossible to know if your teacher was referring to the 1957 movie about World War II, the lyrics to the song of the same title, or even "El Felino se escapo de la Jaula.(TT: Mercury Cougar) = "the cat that got away from the cage!
There was also a movie 1996 of that title about Iraq and a kidnapped victim in Honduras that got away.

Because you mentioned "quote" I also looked in my Quotations books = nada/nothing. This often is said about a big fish that got away. In any event, in Spanish it would be "el que se escapĆ³."

i don't know and thank you

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asked by Andrew

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