A rectangular storage tank 4m long by 3m wide is filled with paraffin to a depth of 2m given that the density of paraffin is 80kg/m^3,caiculate
a)the volume of paraffin
b)the weight of paraffin
c)the mass of paraffin
d)the pressure at the bottom of the tank due to the paraffin
e)if the paraffin is replaced by a denser liquid like water,will be pressure change?explain answer.

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  1. (a) volume = mass/density
    (b) weight = mg
    (c) mass = volume * density
    (d) using the density of water, pressure = weight/area
    (e) from (d), more weight ==> more pressure

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  2. ) An elephant weighs 60 kN and each of its feet has an area of 0.07 m2 in contact with the ground. What is the pressure the elephant exerts on the ground, if:

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