Interchange the order of integration and evaluate the integral [0.1]∫ [x,1]∫𝑒^𝑥/𝑦 𝑑𝑦𝑑𝑥

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  1. ∫[0,1]∫[x,1] e^x/y dy dx
    = ∫[0,1] e^x lny [x,1] dx
    = ∫[0,1] e^x lnx dx
    = -1.3179
    Note that this integral cannot be done using elementary functions.
    To change the order, note that the region involved is a triangle in the x-y plane, so we can write it instead as
    ∫[0,1]∫[y,0] e^x/y dx dy
    = ∫[0,1] e^x/y [y,0] dy
    = ∫[0,1] (1-e^y)/y dy
    = -1.3179

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