Aldo can choose Plan A or Plan B for his long distance charges. For each plan, cost (in dollars) depends on minutes used (per month) as shown below. (I'll try to see if I can post the graph.)

1. If Aldo makes 60 minutes of long distance calls for the month, which plan cost less? Plan A or Plan B?
2. How much less does it cost than the other plan?
3. For what number of long distance minutes do the two plans cost the same?
4. If the time spent on long distance calls is less than this amount, which plan costs less? Plan A or Plan B?

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  1. 1. which graph is below the other at x=60?
    2. what's the distance between the graphs
    3. where do the graphs intersect?
    4. which graph is below left of the point in #3? (as in #1)

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