A semi-circle sits on top of a rectangle to form the figure below. Find its area and perimeter. Use for 3.14.

The rectangle is 4 inches long and 3 inches wide. The semi-circle sits on top of the rectangle on a side that is 4 inches long.

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  1. area = the rectangle + half the circle
    = 3*4 + (1/2)π(2^2)
    = 12 + 2π in^2
    = ...

    perimeter, (I guess we are not counting the one length)
    = 2+4+3+(1/2)2π(2)
    = 9 + 2π inches
    = ...

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  2. semi circle
    radius = 2
    perimeter = 2 pi r/2 = pi r = pi * 2 in
    area = (1/2) pi r^2 = (1/2) pi * 4 = pi * 2 in^2
    bottom = 4 in and 2 sides of 3 in each
    perimeter = 4 + 2*3 = 10 in
    area = 4*3 = 12 in^2
    perimeter = 10 + 2 pi
    area = 12 + 2 pi

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  3. go with Damon's perimeter,

    I did not pick up my typo, had 2+4+3+(1/2)2π(2)
    instead of 3+4+3+(1/2)2π(2)

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  4. What’s the answer what’s the area and perimeter

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