A quadratic equation has a vertex at (−3/2,7/2) and a y-intercept of 8.

Which equations could describe this quadratic equation?

There is more than one correct answer. Select all that apply.

a) y=(x+32)2+74
b) y=x2+3x+4
c) y=2(x+32)2+74
d) y=x2−3x+7
e) y=2((x+32)2+74)
f) y=2x2+6x+8

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  1. given: vertex is (−3/2,7/2) and a y-intercept of 8
    so the equation is
    y = a(x+3/2)^2 + 7/2
    but (0,8) lies on it
    8 = a(9/4) + 7/2
    times 4
    32 = 9a + 14
    9a = 18
    a = 2
    so we have y = 2(x + 3/2)^2 + 7/2
    expand and simplify, then see if you find the match
    (I found it)

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