Sound waves are traveling through the air. Every ½ second, the sound waves pass a detector. Which of the following choices correctly describes the period and frequency of these waves?

The period is 2 s, and the frequency is 2 Hz.
The frequency is ½ second, and the period is 2 Hz.
The period is ½ second and the frequency is ½ Hz.
The period is ½ second, and the frequency is 2 Hz.

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    Frequency and period are actually opposites. While period is measured in seconds per cycle, frequency is measured in cycles per second. Consider our wave with a period of 2 seconds. Since the wave completes one cycle every two seconds, then its frequency is one half or 0.5 Hz.

    If you will google define:frequency and period you can see the graph too. I can't give you the url because I can't post it today.

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