One of the benefits of career planning as a young adult is:

*you can train your brain.

you will use the information years from now.

you are relying only on yourself for the information.

now is a time in your life where you have the least spare time.

-The first step in the career exploration process is to:

do career research.

*develop a personal profile

research post-secondary options.

complete a job application.

-The average American has how many careers over the span of their lifetime?

1 to 2

3 to 5

5 to 7

*10 to 12

-You will get the most useful insights from the introspection activities if you approach them with:


a goal in mind

*an open mind

insights from others

-Carl Jung studied:

work ethics

study skills


career planning

-You want to make sure your career earns a salary that will support your desired:





-Which of the following would be an example of an intrinsic value?

competition with others

dress code

work hours

*opportunities to advance

-Susan has just applied for a job that she heard of through her Career Planning teacher. Her Career Planning teacher happened to know someone at a store that Susan wanted to work at. This is an example of:

interviewing skills

building your resume

a follow-up letter


-Trent is having trouble answering some of the questions the interviewer is asking him. Trent could have prevented this by:

bringing a portfolio

preparing questions to ask the interviewer

*practicing interviewing with a friend

mapping out his way to the interview ahead of time

Am I right

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