Can you help with this question?

Infants should not be given semi-solid
food supplements of meat or meat
alternatives before the age of
_______ because their kidneys
can not handle the extra nitrogen
until this age.

3 months, 4 months,
6 months, or 12 months

Isn't it 12 months?

4 months.

I checked the website. Where does it say 4 months?

Page 15

Haley or Paula or whoever,

Please ditch the umpteen exclamation marks. That makes for a very annoying post -- before it's even read.



Look at table B. It says after 4 months. However, I checked a number of other websites, and they center on 6-8 months.
(Broken Link Removed)

This one says start at nine months.

I think I would go with six months. Guessing. There seems to be no consensus on this. Do you have a text?

As the mom of 4 kids and being told by numerous doctors and researching myself the correct answer is 9 months if breastfeeding and 6 months if bottle feeding. More solid explination can be found at the american academy of pediatrics website (aap dot org)

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asked by Haley

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