Which of the following are categorical data?

A.numbers of inches of rain

B.types of drinks

C.lengths of movies (in minutes)

D.weights of students

Which best describes a statistical question?

A.a question that contains numbers

B.a question about numbers

C.a question about designing an quantitative experiment

D.a question that anticipates an answer based on data that vary

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  1. rain

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  2. I need the answerers

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  3. Here are the answers and your welcome XD
    1. types of drinks
    2. a question that anticipates an answer based on data that vary
    3. dot plot, stem-and-leaf plot
    4. The data distribution is approximately symmetric, There is an outlier in the data
    5. a, c, b
    6. 34
    7. video game playing time
    8. 30-40
    9. a histogram
    10. a frequency table
    Your welcome XD

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  4. He’s right I got 100% on connexus quiz

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  5. Nice work and "XD" is right!

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  6. thx also im in connexus too lol

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  7. Just do it the collage way to pick only c (note do not try this ty)

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  8. Oh thank you ''XD" tysm!!! tysm!! i got 100%! trust Him/Her!!

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