Advanced Science

21) Which example represents a DISADVANTAGE of asexual reproduction?
A)Genetic variety slowly causes hundreds of species of beetles to form from a single species.***
B)A single antibiotic is able to quickly and easily kill millions of genetically identical bacteria.
C)Millions of bacteria are quickly produced by cell division, in one afternoon in a jug of milk that has been left on the counter.
D)Male anglerfish must live on larger females as parasitic mates, since they encounter other anglerfish so infrequently in the deep ocean.

22) What did Charles Darwin mean when he stated that some organisms were 'more fit' than other organisms?
A)some organisms were heavier and stronger
B)some organisms were more likely to reproduce
C)not all organisms had the same natural life span***
D)not all organisms were equally suited to gathering food

I am not sure on question 22, and for 21, I was thought that asexual reproduction leads to less genetic variation.

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  1. Ask your mother. I gave her a lesson after we finished banging on your bed.

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