You have 2 digits, 2 numbers, reverse digits and 54 if the difference and the sum of all is 10

I'm not clear what you're asking, could you clarify what the conditions are for us please?

My grandson came home with the problem that he wrote out on a piece of paper.

He put down that you need a 2 digit, 2 numbers and the difference would be the number 54, and you need to be able to reverse the digits, and the sum of all numbers would add up to the number 10.

We aren't sure if he left something out. That is all we had to go on and cannot figure it out. I know 108 - 54 equals 54, but how do you get 2 digit numbers from that that can be reversed?

Ok, we would need to know the differnece between what and what, e.g., the number - number with digits reversed?
Also, are we adding up the digits?
If this is the case then I think you will find that 82 is the only 2 digit number that meets these requirements.

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asked by Will
  1. the answer is 82-28

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